The Layer-Price Matrix

More Layers = More Complexity = Higher Prices

Higher-end mattresses come with more layers, working together in synchrony like cogs in a fine watch, to provide the perfect sleep experience. Each layer having its own purpose, to give the user a superior sleep experience.

But mattresses packed with more layers are more complex, and so more costly to produce. Which is why you’ll always see mattress providers charge a premium for mattresses with more layers. This limits the number of people that can experience top-notch sleep, which is why we made it our priority to try crack this problem open.

Line chart with:

Y axis “Price of Mattress”, X Axis “Number of mattress layers” (from 3 to 7)

The Origin Difference
Outstanding Quality at Lower Prices

Fewer middlemen

The more parties involved in providing a service, the higher the mark up in the final product. When analysing the landscape, the high prices confused us, something didn’t add up. That’s when we realised the reason for the exorbitant prices was that many copmetitors were outsourcing a chunk of their processes such as: manufacturing, storage, delivery, customer service, product innovation, content creation, retail stores, etc.

In response, we’ve worked hard to cut out the middlemen and internalise most of these processes and got rid of unnecessary ones (such as have physical stores, since we offer a 120 day free trial!). This allows us to divert all resources to what really matters most – the end product.

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Innovative manufacturing

A cheatcode for the Layer-Price Matrix!

Unless you develop a hyper-efficient manufacturing process! And so that’s what we did. Better manufacturing combined with fewer middlemen let’s us make killer products at better prices for greater value.

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So what are you waiting for?