ALDI Mattress Review 2024 | ALDI vs Origin

Buying a good mattress is an important investment as you’ll be sleeping on the mattress for years. A premium mattress usually comes with a bigger price tag, but price is not always everything. There are more and more inexpensive mattresses in the market and sometimes it may or may not compromise on the quality.

In today’s article, we will be doing a review on one of the cheapest mattress offered in the Australian market, Aldi mattress (by Estelle) versus the new up and coming affordably priced mattress, the Origin Hybrid.

Origin Hybrid VS ALDI: Quick Breakdown

Firstly, let’s start with a quick breakdown of key technical features of the Aldi mattress and Origin Hybrid mattress. 

Aldi mattress is a “mattress in a box” type. In other words, this mattress comes in a box. It is compressed in a tight space and after you get the mattress you will need to give it some time to decompress. 

Origin Hybrid mattress, just like the Aldi mattress is based on the concept of “mattress in a box” with Aldi. In this review, we will break down different features and find out whether the difference in price reflects the difference in value. 

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Comfort and Structure (Verdict: Origin is the winner)

Aldi Mattress vs Origin mattress: Spinal alignment image

Aldi Mattress is made out of polyester fabric top, over a layer of memory foam and a layer of comfort foam and innerspring. Naturally the memory foam material has a tendency to retain the shape of the body and therefore provides for great pressure relief.

The Origin hybrid mattress on the other hand, is made out of Aeroflex latex material and micro-precision springs that specifically designed for spinal support to prevent for any back, neck or hip pain. Latex material is generally more expensive and often prized for its durability and bounciness.

Basing of each brand’s construction alone, the Origin Hybrid is more attractive. A latex mattress naturally has a springy feel, and allows for some body sinkage and compression. This makes it more comfortable to move about on and keeps you from getting “stuck” in the mattress, like any other denser varieties such as memory foam.

Temperature Regulation (Verdict: Origin is the winner)

ALDI Mattress vs Origin mattress: Temperature Regulation image

The Origin Hybrid’s latex material is far better at maintaining a neutral temperature than Aldi’s memory foam, which naturally has a tendency to absorb and store body heat. The Aldi’s top layer is made out of polyester fabric. Because of its plastic fibers, polyester fabric’s lack of permeability can make it feel hot and sticky in warm weather.

On the other hand, Origin Hybrid mattress uses Tencel material as their top layer. This fabric is made from natural materials thus it contains top breathing abilities. The fibers of the fabric are made to be small to allow for more softness, comfort, and breathing to take place.

To sum up, the Origin Hybrid mattress is definitely a better pick if you are looking for a cooling mattress.

Trial and Warranty (Verdict: Origin takes the lead)

Aldi Mattress vs Origin mattress: Spinal alignment image

Let’s take a look at both brand’s overall service. The Origin Hybrid mattress offers 15 years warranty. Meanwhile, the Aldi mattress has a warranty period of only up to 1 year. This makes Aldi’s mattress quality a little questionable, as most reputable competitors would offer at least a minimum of 10 years.

As for trial period, the Origin hybrid mattress offers 120 days while Aldi offers none. This can be an issue for people as typically a mattress requires at least 30 days for a break-in period.

To sum it up, in terms of consumer service experience, Origin Hybrid mattress is a clear winner.

Our Final Verdict – Which has Quality Sleep at the Best Value?

When it comes to affordability and reliability, there aren’t too many brands that come close to Aldi, at least here in Australia. Although the Aldi mattresses have lower prices compared to other “mattress in a box” producer companies, however the quality of the mattress is questionable. It lacks important basic qualities that are necessary for good night’s sleep.

According to, Aldi Mattress cannot deliver the level of comfort that a person needs on a nightly basis. The review suggest that the Aldi mattress might be a good option for a temporary sleeping solution. This explains the short-term warranty period of 1 year offered by Aldi as compared to the Origin Hybrid’s 15-year warranty period.

If you want a mattress temporarily, then Aldi mattress might do. But for a longer term investment, the Origin Hybrid will certainly not disappoint you nor break your bank!

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