Bellissimo Mattress Review 2024 | Bellissimo vs Origin

Finding a good mattress can be stressful and time-consuming when you don’t know where or what to look out for. Research has indicated that sleep contributes greatly to our health be it physically or mentally. 

As much as Bellissimo Mattress has been ranked among the best-selling mattresses in Australia, it doesn’t mean it is the best mattress for everyone. The mattress has been designed using a specific technology that tailors to a specific group of people. 

Therefore, in this article, we will be looking into the key features of both brands, the Bellissimo Duo and the Origin Hybrid Mattress to see which brand has a competitive edge.

Origin vs Bellissimo

Let’s take a brief overview of what both brands have to offer:



Origin Hybrid 


Bellissimo Duo 


Price Range



Mattress Type



Mattress Layers



Sleep Trial

120 Nights

100 Nights


15 Years

10 Years

Ratings by Sleep Foundation and BedBuyer Australia



Origin Hybrid 


Bellissimo Duo 





Spinal Support



Temperature Control



Partner Disturbance



Edge Support



Temperature Regulation (Verdict: It’s a Tie) 

Bellissimo Mattress vs Origin mattress: Temperature Regulation image

The Bellissimo Duo mattress is made out of 2 components, the micro pocket spring and latex. The blend creates a breathable layer that keeps your body cool when you sleep. They create excellent airflow through the top of the mattress making it more hygienic and cooler to sleep on. 

The Origin Hybrid Mattress, on the other hand, has put in more effort in creating its unique hybrid Aeroflex design, specifically to regulate surface temperature to not only cool the bed when warm but also trap heat to keep you warm when it’s cold. The technology comes with 400 threads of Atmospheric Tencel top and gel infusion latex  foam. 

Given all these factors, it’s impossible to say that there’s one single best mattress that provides optimal temperature regulation. Both brands allow excellent sleep for most sleepers since they contain natural latex, which are inherently cooling. The Origin Hybrid went on the extra mile with designs that also keep you warm during cold nights. As we could not find any relevant resources that pinpoint which has a better performing temperature regulation function, therefore in this context, it is subjected to one’s personal preferences and needs.

Pressure-Relief (It’s a Tie) 

The Bellissimo is equipped with a 7- zone European latex support system that provides firm support for proper spinal alignment. It enables the mattress to contour to the shape of your body while transferring your weight across its surface, virtually eliminating pressure points and reducing motion transfer across the mattress.

As for the Origin, their Hybrid mattresses are made out of this unique multi-density design (the Aeroflex) which gives you more targeted comfort and support. It is designed to specifically target the 3 main zones, the neck and shoulder, the lower back and hips, as well as the thighs and legs. This helps with proper spinal alignment thereby preventing any potential new aches and pains in the neck or back when you wake up. 

Both brands have put in thoughts and efforts in designs that target proper spinal alignment, and according to BedBuyer Australia reports, it has shown that both scored similar ratings for spinal support. This therefore comes down to your personal preference as to which design you prefer. 

Motion Isolation (Origin Wins) 

Bellissimo Mattress vs Origin mattress: Motion Isolation image

The Bellissimo mattress, with its European Seven Zone Latex Core, claims to provide all the benefits of latex, which includes minimizing partner disturbance. 

Whereas the Origin Hybrid came out with its very own motion-isolation technology. The uniquely designed mico-precision spring compresses individually and isolates movement and motions in bed.

According to Sleep Education Australia, some consumers reviewed that the Bellissimo Duo mattress does not perform well when it comes to motion isolation. While the problem is not very visible, several sleepers identified it as one of their worries. 

Based on BedBuyer’s report alone, we could already see that the Origin Hybrid take on a slightly higher score of 4 out of 5 versus Bellissimo’s 3.5 out of 5 ratings. 

Our Final Verdict: Which has Quality Sleep at the Best Value?

There is always something for everyone, from high-end luxurious mattresses to budget-friendly mattresses. Some brands are overhyped and overrated, which has misled many users when buying a mattress. Therefore, It is important that consumers should take note of the cost-effectiveness of a product. 

The Origin Hybrid is less expensive compared to the Bellissimo Duo with longer trial and warranty periods. The price range of the Bellissimo mattress is between $1545-$4495 while the Origin Hybrid is between $399-$799. 

As mentioned above, we have also discussed the key features offered by both brands, and it seems like Origin Hybrid gained a competitive edge over Bellissimo. 

To take a step further, we decided to take a look at the consumer reviews from Product Review Australia. To date, Bellissimo was rated 4.2 out of 5, with common complaints of poor sag-resistant and comfort. Whereas for Origin Hybrid, the product was given a score of 4.7 out of 5 with pretty consistent positive reviews on the quality of the product. From here, we could see that Origin Hybrid Mattress does seem to deliver a much better value in comparison to Bellissimo. 

 Long Live Sleep

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