Dunlopillo Pillow Review 2024

Finding the perfect pillow is crucial to our health and well-being, which is why finding the right pillow is so important. The market is packed with numerous options, so choosing can be a challenge. 

Although the number of pillow brands is endless, two prominent names, Dunlopillo and Origin, have gained a lot of attention over the internet. You might be wondering which pillow is worth the splurge. On the following page, you will find a comparison guide for Dunlopillo Pillows versus Origin Coolmax pillows. Take a moment to note down the key differences between the two and make your decision accordingly.

Dunlopillo Pillow and Origin Coolmax at a Glance

The Dunlopillo pillow brand is one of the most recognized brands of pillows on the market, combining natural latex with cutting-edge technology to create luxurious levels of comfort for its customers. Having teamed up with a US tech company, they have developed mattresses and pillows that are supposed to regulate your body temperature while offering you a premium sleeping experience. 

The Origin pillow, on the other hand, makes use of German technology and rigorous sleep tests to create a pillow that is perfect for all kinds of sleepers and can be used by anyone. Despite their simple design, their product is quite premium and they don’t cost a lot of money for it.

Origin Coolmax VS the Dunlopillo Pillow: Quick Breakdown

Listed below is a comparison table between Dunlopillo and Origin Coolmax. Take a look and see what they offer.



Origin Coolmax



Luxurious Latex




Sleeper Type

All Sides Sleeper

Stomach, Back, and

Side Sleepers


Natural latex + Coolmax Cooling Gel

Talalay Latex




Trial Period

120 days

No Trial Period


2 Years

10-years warranty

1) Pillow Construction & Maintenance (Verdict: Origin Coolmax Wins)

Pillow Construction & Maintenance: Dunlopillo Pillow vs Origin Coolmax

Dunlopillo Pillow

Dunlopillo, Luxurious Latex Pillows are known for their high-quality Talalay latex construction. It boasts superior resilience and durability thanks to the richness of premium latex.

As latex offers strong ventilation and is inherently hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant, it prevents the growth of bacteria and dust mites, which makes this pillow ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers. It comes with a natural cotton outer cover and can be hand or machine-washed.

Origin Coolmax

Similarly to Dunlopillo, Origin pillows are composed of high-quality latex but infused with Coolmax cooling gel. This pillow features Coolmax, which is a cooling gel that keeps you cool at night while the latex core prevents heat from being trapped, which prevents you from overheating.

The pillow also features a machine-washable or hand-washable Tencel cover. In comparison to cotton, it is naturally hypoallergenic and more breathable than cotton. Due to its latex core, this pillow has natural anti-dust mite, as well as antibacterial properties.


Although both brands offer very similar construction, the Origin Coolmax seems to be the clear winner in this aspect due to the addition of additional cooling gel and Tencel material which help enhance the cooling effect experience.

2) Support+Comfort  (It’s a Tie)

Pillow Construction & Maintenance: Dunlopillo Pillow vs Origin Coolmax

Dunlopillo Pillow

No matter how great the pillow construction is, it is worthless if it does not perform well. As a result, we have also considered the product’s performance and functionality when comparing Dunlopillo and Origin Coolmax.

Talalay Latex is used in the Dunlopillo Luxurious Latex Pillow, which gives products a longer life expectancy and maintains their shape longer. Because of their high rebounding capabilities, they appear to mold to the specific shape of your head and neck to relieve pressure points that may be causing pain. Designed to meet the needs of most people, this mattress is medium in height and feel.

Origin Coolmax

Latex is the main component of Coolmax pillows. Like its competitor, Dunlopillo, natural latex relieves pressure points with its bouncy properties. This pillow provides complete head and neck support and relieves cervical spine discomfort.

The Origin Coolmax material provides firm support for side sleepers and soft support for back sleepers. Designed with a 13cm height, this pillow fits all types of sleepers, whether they sleep on their sides, backs, or stomachs.


There is no doubt that Dunlopillo and Origin Coolmax are going head-to-head with one another in terms of their material construction and performance, as both of them use latex material in their designs. In the end, it comes down to personal preference as to what is best for you.

Which Pillow is Better?

When comparing Origin Coolmax and Dunlopillo Pillows, we cannot overlook their prices and warranty periods. As much as it may surprise you, Dunlopillo luxurious latex pillow comes with a premium price tag and it does not have a trial period. In contrast, Origin Coolmax offers a 7-day free trial and comes at an affordable price. As far as the warranty period is concerned, Dunlopillo offers a 10-year manufacturing warranty, which is way more than Origin’s 2-year warranty. 

Each pillow has its own pros and cons, so deciding on which one you choose depends really on your personal preferences and needs. If you are looking for just a basic latex pillow without any regard for its somewhat higher price tag, then Dunlopillo is something that would surely be a good choice for you. The Origin would be the right choice if you are a hot sleeper looking for an affordable latex pillow.

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