Emma Mattress Review 2024 | Emma vs Origin

With so many brands of mattresses available, it can be difficult to find the one that suits your needs. So in this blog, we will take a look at Origin Mattress and Emma Sleep and help you make a choice. These two have proven themselves to be the best in class with their award-winning products. 

Let’s take a look at these mattresses in detail!

Origin vs Emma



Origin Hybrid


Emma Comfort


Mattress Price 

$399.00 - $799.00

$499.50 - $749.50 


15 Years

10 years 

Mattress layers 



120 nights 

100 nights 

Third-Party Rating



Origin Hybrid 




Build Quality



Spinal Support



Partner Disturbance









Type of Mattress


Memory Foam

Suitable For

All Sleeping Positions

All Sleeping Positions

Product Review

4.7/5 from 36 reviews

4.3/5 from 2802 reviews

Targeted Comfort (Verdict: The Origin experience wins)

The Emma Comfort Mattress has a HRX foam layer made for hip, shoulder, and spinal alignment, which helps the mattress contour to individual body shapes. The Airgocell® layer allows one area of your mattress to compress without impacting the rest. 

Origin's Orthopaedic Design
Origin’s Orthopaedic Design

Still, Origin provides more targeted comfort with its Aeroflex layer. The Aeroflex uses a unique density structure to keep support and provide comfort; it is softer on the surface and the ends to cradle your hip and shoulders for greater comfort, and firmer in the deeper layers and middle for greater back support. 

Price and Value (Verdict: Origin is more value-for-money)

Emma offers its Comfort series at a sale price starting from $499.50, but the Origin Hybrid Mattress sale price starts from as low as $399.00. This makes Origin the perfect choice if you’re on a budget. 

And a cheaper mattress doesn’t mean that it isn’t as good! Origin Mattresses are designed by an experienced team of health professionals and engineers to create the experience of weightless comfort. With so much research and so many tests done, Origin Hybrid Mattresses are still priced affordably; it’s no wonder that it has earned the title of “Best Value Mattress” by the Best Mattress AU Awards 2022, and an “excellent investment” by Sleepy’s Express

Temperature Regulation (Verdict: Origin takes the lead)

The Emma mattress has a mattress top which is made from a climate control fibre which can regulate humidity and keep moisture away, and the breathable Airgocell® foam is moisture-wicking to keep you dry and comfortable.

The Origin Hybrid Mattress places even more emphasis on the temperature regulating properties. Its memory foam with gel infusion effectively cools and removes body heat, while the breathable Tencel cover encourages airflow which carries heat from your body to the Aeroflex layer. The Aeroflex layer regulates temperature by expanding when you’re warm to promote airflow and contracting when you’re cool to trap heat and keep you warm. 

Origin's Temperature Regulating Design
Origin’s Temperature Regulating Design

So, the Origin Hybrid Mattress allows you to enjoy weightless sleep at the perfect temperature!

Warranty (Verdict: Origin proves to be better)

Emma offers customers a warranty period of 10 years. This guarantee is in effect starting from the day you get your new Emma Comfort Mattress, and covers any structural and manufacturing defects. 

Origin offers a 15-year warranty on every item, making it an even more appealing choice! This 15-year guarantee includes coverage for visible blemishes or deformations as small as 1 inch, resulting from manufacturing flaws or despite proper usage and care by users. Given how well-manufactured Origin mattresses are, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need the guarantee for a manufacturing problem. 

Trial Period and Returns (Verdict: Origin scores in the try-out department) 

It is important to try a mattress out before finalising your choice, as it helps you decide if the mattress is suitable for your personal needs.  

Emma offers a trial period of 100 days and a money-back guarantee. This might sound generous, but the trial period which Origin offers is a whopping 120 days! You can test out their mattress in the comfort of your home and with a 100% money back guarantee! 

It’s not clear what becomes of Emma’s returned mattresses, but Origin has partnered with Australia’s Salvation Army to donate returned mattresses to those that need them. 

Origin's Partnership with Salvation Army

As for returns, Emma offers free returns in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Canberra. Origin, however, offers free returns for anywhere in Australia! So now you don’t need to worry about extra costs.


Even though Origin is slightly newer to Aussies, they’re growing rapidly, with its products available in 8 countries. Moreover, it offers best-in-class mattresses at affordable prices. 

Quality. Value. Peace of Mind

You don’t want to miss out on Origin Mattress because it has so many great, affordable options. Utilize Origin’s 120-day trial to test the Origin Hybrid Mattress

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