Eva Mattress Review 2024 I Eva vs Origin

Selecting the perfect mattress can be very challenging. Individuals must take into account factors like their body shape, weight, and sleeping position, as well as features of the mattress including its firmness, texture, size, and price.

Two notable mattresses in the market are Eva and Origin. Read on to find out more about which one is better for you!

Origin vs Eva Mattress



The Origin Hybrid


The Eva


Price (Queen size)




15 years

12 years

Multi-Zone Support 

7 zones 

5 zones


6 layers

5 layers

Weight (Queen)



Cover Material

Tencel (biodegradable)

Polyester (non-biodegradable)

Type of Mattress






Free return



Free shipping




120 days

365 days

Targeted Support (Verdict: Origin provides more targeted comfort)

The Origin Mattress makes use of Aeroflex which has a unique density structure to provide better support and comfort for your body. It is softer on the surface for greater comfort, and firmer in the deeper layers for enhanced support; As well as softer at the ends to cradle your hip and shoulders, and firmer in the middle for greater back support. 

Origin's Aeroflex Layer
Origin’s Aeroflex Layer

The Origin mattress lies between 6 and 7 on the soft to firm scale, which is the level of firmness in which studies have shown to result in the least back pain. Meanwhile, the Eva mattress makes use of density foam, providing a firmness level between 7 and 8. 

Furthermore, Origin mattresses have 7 support zones while Eva mattresses have only 5 zones. With more targeted support, the Origin mattress takes the lead here. 

Pricing (Verdict: Origin is more budget-friendly)

While a queen-size Eva Mattress goes for $1050, the Origin Hybrid Mattress goes for $699. Does the difference in price correspond to a difference in quality and comfort?

Origin’s mattresses were designed in Germany and developed by a team of chiropractors, physiotherapists, and more; The Origin Mattress therefore manages to provide optimal spinal alignment and comfort. 

Eva Mattresses also provide great comfort and support for your body. But whether or not it’s worth the additional money is all up to you to decide. So, why not give the Origin Hybrid Mattress a try with our 120-day trial!

Third Party Ratings (Verdict: Origin scores higher)

When it comes to choosing a mattress, who would know better than sleep experts? That’s why we’ve included the ratings given by a certified sleep science coach at Sleepy’s Express. Let’s first take a look at the ratings given for each aspect.

Sleepy's Express Ratings
Sleepy’s Express Ratings

Eva ranks slightly higher for offering a longer trial length than Origin, as well as slightly greater value for money. But the comfort and partner disturbance offered by Origin is significantly greater than that of Eva. 

When it comes to comfort, Sleepy’s Express considers the motion transfer, cooling capabilities, edge guard design, and health benefits of each mattress. 

The Origin Hybrid Mattress comprises a layer of natural latex and vanadium steel pocket springs, which doesn’t retain heat and does well in isolating movement. Sleepy’s Express has also stated that the Origin mattress is able to “[stay] cool even in hot weather”, making it suitable for Australia’s warm summer nights. 

Origin's Antigravity Springs
Origin’s Antigravity Springs

On the other hand, the Eva mattress is significantly heavier and can be more inconvenient to set up. Sleepy’s Express has also stated the mattress’ firmness as a con, since it’s firmer than some might prefer.

Material (Verdict: The Origin mattress is more eco-friendly)

The cover for the Origin Hybrid Mattress is made using Tencel, which has excellent absorption ability. It is made of biodegradable components, is breathable, and is less likely to support bacterial growth. Not only does this Tencel layer keep you cooler on warm nights, it is also eco-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about what happens when you dispose of it! 

The Origin Hybrid Mattress Layers
The Origin Hybrid Mattress Layers

On the contrary, the Eva Mattress cover is made using polyester, a petroleum-based material. Unfortunately, polyester is non-biodegradable. 

On the bright side, both Origin and Eva mattresses are allergy-free, and made with hypoallergenic materials. So, you won’t have to worry about having trouble falling asleep again!

Warranty (Verdict: Origin offers a longer warranty)

The Eva Mattress provides a 12 year warranty to its customers. Considering the length of the warranty, it could make the Eva mattress look like a more attractive choice for purchase. But Origin offers a more generous warranty duration of 15 years, beating Eva.

Final Verdict

Comparing the features of both the Origin and Eva mattress, Origin remains a great choice for those who seek to experience weightless comfort. From its multi-zone support to its special eco-friendly blends developed in-house, it’s no wonder that Origin has over 50,000 happy customers worldwide! 

Quality. Value. Peace of Mind

Give the Origin Hybrid Mattress a try today with our 120-day trial. 

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