Origin vs Eva 2023

Why Eva Buyers Are Choosing Origin Instead

We know how hard it can be to find the perfect mattress.

Which is why we’ve created a handy table that shows how Origin compares vs Eva in all the categories you care about.

Read on to find out why droves of Eva potential buyers choose Origin instead.

Although we may be a little biased, we kept the comparison as objective as possible to help you find the perfect mattress!

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1. The Origin Hybrid Mattress Provides High-End Features at a Lower Price

Compared to the Eva Comfort Classic Mattress ($1,200.00), the Origin Hybrid Mattress (single) costs $699 only. That’s $501.00 lower! The Origin Mattress has several high-end features for its affordable pricing, such as its proprietary HexaGridTM technology and an Orthopedic Back Support system. Therefore, the best option for budget-conscious Australians is Origin because it provides more benefits without breaking the bank. 


2. Origin has clinched 39 consumer awards while Eva only has 11

The Origin Hybrid Mattress leads with 39 consumer awards, compared to 11 for the Eva Comfort Classic Mattress. This impressive standing indicates high customer satisfaction, boosting Origin’s reputation as a superior choice.


3. Matching Eva’s features, Origin Hybrid adds value with natural Tencel, Australian wool, bamboo memory foam, and HexaGrid™ Orthopedic layer

Both mattresses have a 25.4cm and 32cm thickness, respectively, and offer a medium-firm feel. They are made from cooling foam, and pocketed springs, but the Origin Hybrid Mattress features additional innovative materials. It incorporates 100% natural Tencel™, Australian wool, bamboo-infused memory foam, and the game-changing HexaGrid™ Orthopedic layer. This layer provides superior pressure relief, enhanced back support, and greater temperature regulation.


4. Origin Hybrid’s use of eco-friendly materials bolsters its appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers

The Origin Hybrid Mattress utilises eco-friendly materials, including Natural Tencel™, HexaGrid Orthopedic Layer, Premium Australian Wool, and Bamboo-Infused Memory Foam. This commitment to sustainability aligns with increasing consumer consciousness about environmental issues, enhancing Origin’s appeal.


In summary, while both mattresses offer impressive features, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is the most compelling. Its better value for money, superior materials and design, higher consumer ratings, eco-friendly practices, and unique comfort features align better with the Australian market’s needs and preferences, making it the ideal choice.

See What’s Inside The Origin Hybrid

The Origin Hybrid uses proprietary technology to give it absolute pressure relief & scientifically-recommended back support.

Come meet the award-winning mattress that’s endorsed by sleep experts and used by olympic athletes. The mattress designed to help you Sleep, Recharge & Conquer

HexaGrid™ –
The Secret To Better Sleep

All mattresses are equipped with our patent-pending HexaGrid™ Orthopedic layer. Designed in our very own sleep lab to take your sleep to the next level.

No Sagging

The mattress doesn’t buckle around the edges, giving you and your partner a bigger surface to sleep on, and making it easier getting in and out of bed.

Greater Temperature

Infused with cooling particles to keep your body close to 18.3°C; the ideal temperature for deeper sleep.


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1. Origin Mattress uses pocket springs instead of Eva’s foam cutouts that are designed to replicate springs, but they’re just another layer of foam

Incorporating pocket springs into a mattress design facilitates increased airflow, allowing heat to dissipate more efficiently from the body and into the surrounding environment. This mechanism effectively lowers body temperature, contributing to a higher level of sleep quality.

Origin Mattress distinguishes itself through its exceptional construction and durability. The Origin Mattress adheres to rigorous quality standards, resulting in a robust and long-lasting product. With a thickness of 25.4cm and materials certified by CertiPUR-US® and CeriOEKO-TEX®, Origin ensures a solid and dependable sleep surface that will withstand the test of time.

On the other hand, Eva’s mattress attempts to replicate the effect of springs with foam cutouts. However, this design choice can lead to a potential issue over time. Foam layers have been known to trap more heat, which can affect the overall sleeping experience and contribute to mattress sagging.


2. The Origin Hybrid Pro offers a more affordable option with a 9% cost advantage

  • Origin Hybrid Pro: Priced at $1,499 with a generous 120-night trial period.
  • Eva Premium Adapt Mattress: Priced at $1,640.00 with a 365-night trial period.

Cost-conscious consumers will find the Origin Hybrid Pro appealing because of its lower price and high quality level.


3. Origin Hybrid Pro is the top-rated mattress in Australia, backed by its awards and reviews

  • Origin Hybrid Pro: Winner of 39 consumer awards. It has been recognised as the “Top Rated Mattress in Australia” by News.com.au.
  • Eva Premium Adapt Mattress: Winner of 11 consumer awards.

The numerous consumer awards the Origin Hybrid Pro received demonstrate its exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. The high Google rating further validates its popularity and positive user experiences.


4. Experience ultimate comfort with Origin Hybrid Pro with 8 layers of luxury and advanced features such as SmartClimate™ cooling and HexaGrid™ Plus

  • Origin Hybrid Pro: The German-designed Origin Hybrid Pro has 8 layers of comfort, culminating in a pillow-top that feels like sleeping on a cloud. The SmartClimate™ cooling system and the HexaGrid™ Plus comfort layer are included to ensure a more restful night’s sleep. Pocketed springs, ergonomically zoned support for your spine, pressure alleviation, and perimeter reinforcement are all features of this comfortable bed. 
  • Eva Premium Adapt Mattress: Designed in Australia, the Eva Premium Adapt Mattress consists of foam layers, including a removable, machine-washable topper. It incorporates a five-zoned pocket spring system for proper spinal alignment and reduced back pain.

The Origin Hybrid Pro’s cutting-edge components are artfully shown in its design. These include the HexaGrid™ Plus comfort layer, the premium cooling system, the pocketed springs, and the ergonomically zoned construction. These additions provide comfort, support, and temperature regulation for a wonderful night’s sleep.


5. The Origin Hybrid Pro has 2,202 pocket springs, while the Eva Comfort mattress only has 810 springs

In fact, the Sleep Foundation recommends buyers to avoid mattresses with a spring count of less than 400 for the Queen size⁴

Why is this so important? A higher number of springs, with all other things being equal, allows a mattress to better respond to the shape of the body, providing better support.

Mattresses with less springs often feel “stiffer” and “less responsive”.

Generally, the more expensive the mattress, the higher the number of springs. A high spring count is a good determinant of mattress quality, and not something one should save on when looking for quality sleep.


6. Microsprings in the Origin Hybrid Pro provide perfect support to the body, something that is lacking in Eva’s

Another impeccable feature that makes Origin Hybrid Pro the best choice is the availability of micro springs. Microsprings have a small surface area that moves according to your body shape. 

They also help to isolate the motion of one person without disturbing the other. This feature is not present in Eva’s mattress. Therefore, they lack individual support for the body.


Why Choose Origin Hybrid Pro over Eva Premium Adapt Mattress

The Origin Hybrid Pro is the better option for Australians when comparing it to the Eva Premium Adapt Mattress. It’s cheaper than the competition, has won numerous design awards, has superior cooling and comfort technologies, and has received rave customer reviews. The Origin Hybrid Pro is the go-to choice for Australians searching for the perfect mattress because it conforms to market expectations, uses superior materials, and prioritises quality.

See What’s Inside The Origin Hybrid Pro

The Origin Hybrid Pro uses proprietary technology to give it absolute pressure relief & scientifically-recommended back support.

Come meet the award-winning mattress that’s endorsed by sleep experts and used by olympic athletes. The mattress designed to help you Sleep, Recharge & Conquer

HexaGrid™ Plus is 30% more comforting than foam and latex*

*As tested by 3rd Party Laboratory Intertek, UK
HexaGrid™ Plus was designed to fix the downsides of foam and latex. It combines the right ingredients in just the right quantities to achieve the optimal level of elasticity and ductile strength – to maximise both support & pressure relief. 

Ultimate Dynamic Back Support

2x Thicker, 3x Greater Pleasure Relief, 2x Enhanced Back Support. Simply revolutionary.
Our mattress offers more support in the center third of the mattress where your bodyweight is concentrated for a healthier & stronger back.

Superior Comfort,.Crafted To Perfection

Every layer of our hybrid pro sleep system is crafted with the finest materials, ensuring the mattress will be incredible for years to come.

Our plush signature pillowtop is even stitched by hand, for a more detailed finish.


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