Giselle Mattress Review 2024 | Giselle vs Origin

With more options and models coming in each year, it’s no secret that the Australian mattress market is expanding. A good quality mattress is essential as it plays a big factor in determining a good night’s sleep. 

In this review, we will find out the best mattress among these two brands. We will outline a comparison review between Giselle Euro Top mattress versus Origin Hybrid mattress.

Origin Hybrid vs Giselle Euro Top

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Ratings by BedBuyer Australia

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Temperature Regulation (Verdict: Origin wins)

Giselle Mattress vs Origin mattress: Temperature Regulation image

The Origin Hybrid prides itself for being able to not only keep you cool but also keeps you warm when it’s cold. The Origin pride for their unique Atmospheric Tencel technology, along with latex and cooling gel memory foam material, helps control airflow and creates a temperature balance of the surface.  

On the flip side, Giselle Euro Top is made of high-density foam. While its firm structure is mainly used to provide the foundation and shape of the mattress, high-density materials have limited airflow and therefore resulting in more heat and moisture retention. 

Because Giselle is made of high-density foam, these beds were unquestionably warm.  The memory foam maintains body heat for a number of reasons. One is the way the material is structured; dense foam requires more structure yet has less airflow than other materials. This may trap heat and impair your body’s capacity to regulate its temperature through thermoregulation.

With this reason itself; Origin Hybrid seems to offer a much better sleep experience. 

Firmness (Verdict: It’s Subjective) 

Mattresses could be made from all sorts of materials. A mattress’ firmness or softness, is mainly influenced by the tension of its springs or by the overall tension of its internal structure.

Which would be a better fit for you? It boils down to whether you generally suffer from back pain and which sleeping position you favor. 

Both Giselle Euro Top and the Origin Hybrid fall under the medium firm category. A medium firm mattress works well for various sleep positions be it side, back, or stomach sleepers as well as sleepers in all weight ranges, particularly those between 130 and 230 pounds. 

Edge Support (Verdict: Origin Hybrid Wins)

Giselle Mattress vs Origin mattress: Edge Support image

Edge support refers to the amount of resistance that a mattress can provide around its edges. The more support your mattress has around its edges, the less sag the surrounding perimeter. As a result, the risk of rolling off the mattress or sliding off the edge is reduced. 

The Origin Hybrid comes with a carefully designed edge guard foam padding that surrounds the mattress and adds a support system for the mattress border. 

The Giselle Euro Top, on the other hand, recently reviewed by BedBuyer seems to be lacking in terms of edge support. The Origin on the other hand was rated 4.8 star in terms of its overall comfort and support from Product Review Australia.

Our Final Verdict: Which has Quality Sleep at the Best Value?

Many people believe that buying a high-quality mattress will set them back hundreds of dollars while a mattress with a low price tag may be of worse quality. Although this may be true for some models, affordable beds are also readily accessible.

There are technical aspects to think about while selecting a mattress. The type, material quality, special features, and the brand itself are all factors that affect a mattress’ pricing. Consider the characteristics you receive for the cost while evaluating the value for money.

While Giselle Euro Top and Origin Hybrid both offer a good 15 years warranty, the Origin Hybrid seems to gain a competitive advantage over the Giselle Euro Top with an additional 120 nights trial versus Giselle’s 30 days trial. 

Both the Origin Hybrid and Giselle Euro Top differ in terms of pricing and quality. As reviewed, we could see that the Giselle Euro Top’s performance is fairly decent for its price point. If you are on a tight budget, Giselle would be an option to start off. However, if you are looking for a long-term investment, the Origin Hybrid mattress would be a more balanced option as it provides the same premium components and durable performance as with many of their more expensive rivals, despite their low price tags.

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