Koala Mattress Review 2024 | Koala vs Origin

In Australia, there are several mattress providers, all claiming to offer the kind of quality care you want for yourself. Amidst these options are two top mattress manufacturers: Origin and Koala.

With these two mattress brands boasting award-winning products, you might be finding it challenging to make a choice between them. Not to worry, this post contains all the information you need, so read on to find out more!

Origin vs Koala

Before we begin, here’s a quick comparison between Origin’s and Koala’s best selling models:



The Origin Hybrid


The Koala


Queen Mattress Price



Mattress Layers



Comfort Zones




15 Years

10 Years

Ratings by BedBuyer Australia



Origin Hybrid 


The Koala













Medium 6/10; Firm 7/10


120 Nights

120 Nights




Types of Mattress



Award-winning product lines, extensive warranty validity, comfort, and elegance, really, the “battle” for supremacy couldn’t be closer. Yet, it has to be said that Origin does ultimately edge out Koala. But don’t just take our word for it; let’s look at some of the reasons why Origin mattresses are the perfect fit for you.

Targeted Comfort (Verdict: Origin prevails)

Firstly, Origin mattresses have more comfort zones. 

Origin mattresses come with 7 layers and its multi-zone support consists of 7 zones. On the other hand, The Koala Mattress has only 3 comfort zones and 3 layers. With more support zones, the Origin Hybrid Mattress ensures the right amount of counter-pressure on different areas of the body, providing better support and comfort.

The Origin Hybrid Mattress' Layers
The Origin Hybrid Mattress’ Layers
Additionally, Origin mattresses offer more adaptable support. 

The Origin mattress also has an Aeroflex layer which has a unique density structure to keep your back comfortable and supported, preventing back pain. It is softer on the surface and the ends to cradle your hips and shoulders for greater comfort, and firmer in the deeper layers and middle for enhanced back support. 

The AEROFLEX™ perfectly distributes up to 96.8% of your body pressure, making you feel like you’re floating on air, allowing you to enjoy weightless comfort.

Origin's Aeroflex Layer
Origin’s Aeroflex Layer

Value (Verdict: Origin offers quality at a lower cost)

It’s beyond certain that everyone wants to enjoy great sleep. However, whether they can afford it or not is a different story. Many renowned mattress providers price their products in the thousands, which makes it impossible for some to enjoy the quality sleep they deserve. 

For example, a queen size The Koala Mattress is priced at $1,050, whilst the Koala Calm As Mattress is even more expensive at $1,690, and the Koala Soulmate Mattress is a whopping $2,790. Access to good sleep should not be that expensive, and Origin offers a solution! Unlike competitors, Origin offers premium-quality mattresses, with their queen size mattress priced as low as $699! This ensures you don’t have to break the bank just to enjoy quality, comfortable sleep. 

It’s no wonder that Origin has won itself the title of “best value mattress” and “excellent investment” by Best Mattress AU and Sleepy’s Express!

Third Party Ratings (Verdict: Origin scores better)

What better way to find out about a mattress than through those who are using it? Let’s take a look at the scores given by past customers over at thebestmattress.com.au

thebestmattress.com.au ratings
thebestmattress.com.au ratings

According to thebestmattress.com.au, a 3rd-party mattress-rating website, Koala mattresses are built with foam layers, which traps more heat than mattresses that have springs. Although both mattresses make use of a breathable Tencel material, Origin’s Aeroflex layer expands on warm nights to allow air flow while contracting on colder nights to trap heat. As a result, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is able to maintain the perfect temperature for weightless sleep. 

With Origin leading in the comfort, cooling, and overall ratings, why not give Origin a try today and test it out on your own? 

Warranty (Verdict: Origin takes the lead)

Koala offers customers a 10-year warranty that covers physical and structural damage, manufacturing defects, and significant flaws or deformities that may arise despite proper use and handling of the Koala mattress products. 

But yet again, Origin presents an even more attractive option with a 15-year warranty on all products! This impressive 15-year warranty covers any visible markings or deformation as little as 1 inch caused by manufacturing problems or occurring despite proper use and handling by users. These Origin mattresses are excellently made, so it’s doubtful you’ll ever need to engage the warranty for defect reasons. 

Trial Period and Returns (Verdict: It’s a tie)

Both Koala and Origin offer the same 120-night trial period, so there isn’t much to choose from here. These two mattress providers also offer free returns and the returned products are donated or recycled. 


Although Koala has been around for a slightly longer time and may be more familiar to Aussies, Origin is growing quickly, and not just in Australia! With more affordable options offering great quality sleep, you don’t want to miss out on getting an Origin Mattress.

The Origin Hybrid Mattress
The Origin Hybrid Mattress

Quality. Value. Peace of Mind

Try out our mattresses with our 120-day trial today, and experience the comfort of weightless sleep!

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