Koala Pillows Review 2024

Ever wonder why you get wake up with a sore neck? Sleeping on a wrong pillow can cause you have back and neck ache for weeks. It is never an easy task when it comes to picking the best pillow for your needs. Therefore, in this article we have examined the majority of them and determined which pillows are the best in terms of materials, warranties, and price.

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Koala Pillows and Origin Coolmax At A Glance

If you’re on the hunt for a new pillow, you’ve probably come across these two award-winning brands, Koala Pillow and Origin Coolmax. 

With hundreds of 5-star reviews, Koala is Australia’s most popular bedding brand. With the pillow height of 15 cm, 39 cm wide, 72 cm long, and weighs 2.3 kg. This standard-size pillow is appropriate for both kids and adults. 

Origin on the other hand, aims to deliver a high-end mattress at an affordable price. The company is also known for combining German engineering and extensive sleep testing to produce premium-quality products.

Making a choice between these brands can be a challenging task for buyers, as both have excellent product design and quality. However, don’t worry, we got you covered. 

Origin Coolmax VS Koala Pillows: Quick Breakdown



Origin Coolmax




Price Range



Sleeper Type

Side, Back Sleepers, and Stomach Sleepers

Side and Back 



Natural latex + Coolmax Cooling Gel

100% Polyurethane

Gel Foam

  Trial Period




2-year warranty

1-year warranty

Above shows a detailed comparison between the Koala Pillow and the Origin Coolmax Pillow. This guide covers every information you need to help you find the perfect match!

1) Pillow Construction & Maintenance (Verdict: Origin Coolmax Wins)

Pillow Construction & Maintenance: Koala Pillows vs Origin Coolmax

Koala Pillows

In terms of construction and maintenance, the Koala Pillow is designed intelligently to suit most body types and sleeping positions. The highlight of the brand is the CertiPUR-US dual-sided polyurethane memory foam core that is further infused with cooling gel technology. This helps absorb moisture, and prevent heat retention like other memory foam pillows. The Koala pillow also comes with an outer cover made out of white Tencel knit which makes it ideal for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Origin Coolmax

On the other hand, the Origin Coolmax is meticulously designed in Germany. With its cooling gel infusion, it provides additional cooling qualities to natural latex. These pillows are made from high-quality latex, which makes it antibacterial. It is an ideal choice for those who suffer from asthma and dust mites allergies. The pillow also comes with a removable Tencel cover that is washable.


While both Koala and Origin Coolmax Pillow feature strong and comparable construction. It boils down to one’s personal preference. Both come with a removable Tencel cover. Koala has a slight edge over Origin for its flippable design with two firmness options and Origin beats Koala for its antibacterial and anti-dust mites properties.

2) Pillow Performance  (Origin Coolmax Wins)

Pillow Performance: Koala Pillows vs Origin Coolmax

Koala Pillows

The Koala pillow’s responsive foam is designed to provide for neck and head support. The height of the pillow is around 15cm, which is a perfect height for both side and back sleepers. However, this pillow is not a great choice for those who prefer to sleep on their stomach as the high loft can make them feel uncomfortable. 

Unlike any ordinary memory foam pillows, Koala pillows have two sides, one soft and one firm which allows you to choose your preferred side.

Origin Coolmax

The Origin Coolmax is designed to conform to the shape of your head, providing the right amount of support.

It is made out of high quality natural latex material, which provides an excellent pressure relief and shaping abilities, thanks to its bouncy and soft nature. With a height of 13cm, the pillow is specially designed to cater to all types of sleepers, be it side, back or stomach sleepers.   

This pillow is suitable for most average-sized folks in all three sleeping positions, be it the side, back, or stomach.


While both pillows offer exceptional performance. But in terms of overall performance, the Origin Coolmax seems to be a clear winner because of its latex material which are generally more long-lasting due to its bouncy nature and with just the right height, it makes it suitable for all types of sleepers.

Is the Koala pillow worth buying?

As opposed to Origin’s two-year warranty, Koala’s is limited to one year, giving Origin a slight advantage over Koala.

With its longer trial period of 120 nights as compared to Origin’s 7-day window, Koala pillows simply balances Origin’s point. A major difference between the two pillows is their price. You will need to spend a whopping $169 to add Koala Pillow to your collection, compared to Origin Coolmax, which costs $129.

With an overall longer product warranty and an affordable price, Origin Coolmax easily wins this.

Bottom Line

In spite of the fact that both options are worthy of adding to your bedtime essentials, we prefer Origin Coolmax for many good reasons.

First of all, it offers an excellent warranty period and a pocket-friendly price. Secondly, it has a cooling effect that helps you with your sleep. Last but not least, Origin Pillow has got anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial, and antimicrobial properties, which makes a great deal for people with allergies and sensitive skin. 

Origin offers a number of unique features at an affordable price. It’s important to get the most out of your money no matter what option you select.

Quality. Value. Peace of Mind

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