The Best Mattress Recycling Services in Australia

Mattress recycling is one of the many things that you can do for the well-being of the environment. We live in an age where it has become increasingly vital to live sustainably. However, not everyone finds it worth their time.

Well, the good news is that you can start by doing something as simple as recycling your old mattress. If you’re thinking about discarding your old mattress, don’t toss them in the junkyard. Instead, choose to recycle them.

But where can you find the best mattress recycling services in Australia? We have compiled the list of the highest-rated service providers. Let’s begin:

Mattress Recycling Australia

1. Mattress Recycle Australia – Best For Bulk Recycling

Mattress Recycle Australia's website
Mattress Recycle Australia’s website
CostDepends on the bulk order
Location AvailabilityNSW, ACT, QLD, VIC and SA
ConvenienceSuitable for bulk mattresses, not domestic services
Contact InformationEmail:
Call: 1800 953 959

If you have a bulk collection of old mattresses, Mattress Recycle Australia can help you out. It partners with various retailers, manufacturers, and households. While it would be less feasible to get this service for just yourself, you can do good by promoting Mattress Recycle Australia. This will help your neighbours find a way to discard their mattress ideally.

Mattress Recycle Australia also uses a systematic and eco-friendly approach to recycle mattresses. Intending to do better for the environment, it is an excellent service.

2. Soft Landing Mattress Recycling – Best For Community

Soft Landing Mattress Recycling's website
Soft Landing Mattress Recycling’s website
CostAround $55 per piece and $40 for extra;
Sydney pricing ranges from $55-$77 per Piece and $40 for extra
Location AvailabilitySydney, The Hunter, Illawarra, Queanbeyan, ACT, Melbourne, Perth WA, Armadale Council, Willoughby Council
ConvenienceIf you’re willing to spend a little extra for pickup, that’s an option;
You can also drop the mattress off at the assigned location
Contact InformationCall: 1800 763 852

Soft Landing Mattress Recycling is more of the industry’s standard when it comes down to the range and quality of services. You have an option to order a mattress pickup, which costs a little extra, depending on the location. Alternatively, there are drop off locations available as well.

You’re also doing more good than you think. With every 35 mattresses, Soft Landing generates a new job. They are a not-for-profit service provider, so there’s no compromise to the services to reduce cost. Not at the expense of the environment.

With objectives like recycling 75% of the mattresses, the company is doing quite a phenomenal job providing its services.

3. Mattress Removal WA – For 100% Mattress Recycling

Mattress Removal WA's website
Mattress Removal WA’s website
Cost$100 Per Mattress + $80 For Extra Piece ($120 For King Size)
Location AvailabilityWestern Australia
ConvenienceRemove the mattress from anywhere without excessive expenses.
Contact InformationEmail:
Call: 1300 BED ZZZ or 0432 361 040

Mattress Removal WA has a parent company known as Junk Removal. So, you’re accessing a wide spectrum of services. Whatever kind of junk and rubbish removal you need, they can get it done. But let’s focus on their mattress removal and recycling services.

One of the best things about Mattress Removal WA is their presence across West Australia. They cover suburbs, rural, and other areas from council buildings to residential addresses.Of course, that’s also a drawback as they aren’t available in other parts of the country.

They’re a full-fledged recycling service known for recycling almost 100% of the mattress and its materials.

4. Mattrec Automated Mattress Recycling – For Most Affordable Services

Mattrec Automated Mattress Recycling's website
Mattrec Automated Mattress Recycling’s website
CostStarting at $45
Location AvailabilitySydney, Shoalhaven Region, Southern Highlands, Macarthur Area
ConvenienceAutomatic recycling will recycle all parts of the mattresses.
They will arrive wherever you need mattress pickup.
Contact InformationCall: 0406 395 487

Mattrec has managed to break the barriers by incorporating automatic technology in the mix. It makes recycling mattresses effortless for you. All you need to do is place your order, and they will arrive at your location. As you might have noticed, Mattrec covers a wide range of areas.

If you’re unsure about your area, you can contact them to check. Since Mattrec is a family-owned and run business, you can expect utmost diligence in their work.

And that’s not the best part.

The technology they use is patented and also reserves an international licence. So you know that you’re working with a secure and highly-decorated service provider.

5. Mattress Recycler – To Make Mattress Reusable

Cost$60 Per Mattress
Location AvailabilityEntire of Sydney
ConveniencePickup and Drop-off services are available at affordable range
They recycle the mattresses to be reused
Contact InformationCall: 0438 881 400

Here’s the best part, most mattress recycling services work on breaking them down and using their parts. That’s not the case with Mattress Recycler. Not only do they help you recycle your mattress, they have mattress refurbishing services as well! And they cover the entire region of Sydney.

It takes around a century for mattresses to decompose. Mattress Recycler’s services include the collection and then inspection of old mattresses. Their professionals then work to refurbish the mattress in the best way possible.

Conclusion – Origin Mattresses For Unparalleled Comfort

Once you decide to discard an old mattress, you will need to replace it with a new one. So where would you look to find a high quality mattress that maximises comfort and support? Look no further than Origin. With an Origin Mattress, you will get to experience German-technology and weightless sleep.

Origin’s Premium Eco-Friendly Products

By getting an Origin Mattress, you’re still doing good for the environment. We plant a tree for each mattress sold, and your purchase supports our efforts in donating to WWF Australia and The Kangaroo Sanctuary. Furthermore, if you return our mattresses, we donate them to Australia’s Salvation Army. Our mattresses also encompass eco-friendly materials and methodology for quality. So, if you want new mattresses, you know where to look.

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