At Origin, our aim is to help people get a good night’s sleep with mattresses that are backed by scientific research and quality testing. Our R&D team in Germany is made of chiropractors, material scientists, engineers and orthopaedic doctors, with a focus on spinal alignment and lumbar support. 

Our team constantly challenges the boundaries of what technology, mattress foams, and support springs can do for sleep. We put our mattresses through many rounds of stability, wear and tear, and fatigue testing – so that every component of the Origin Hybrid Mattress is proven to stand the test of time. 

Pocket Spring designed for extra stability and resilience

  • Made of tempered steel with high strength-to-weight ratio. Tempered steel is often used in automobile vehicles and engine components due to its durability.
  • Coils are individually encased in tear-resistant fabric casings to disperse weight evenly and reduce motion transfer

Tencel Pillow-Top reduces body heat and increases air circulation

  • Tencel is known to be soft, breathable, lightweight, durable and eco-friendly
  • Pillow-top has over 10,000 ventilation holes for temperature-regulation and to keep you cool at night

Durable & lasts for 15 years – tested and proven

  • We use a roller machine to test the durability of the Origin Mattress. The machine imitates the natural pressure users exert on the mattress over time.
  • The Origin Mattress can withstand over 60,000 cycles which simulate around 15 years of use, with minimal damage.

Resistant to sags and dips

  • We measure the height and firmness of the mattress before undergoing the compression machine and measure the difference accordingly.
  • The Origin Mattress bounces back to 90-95% of the original height and firmness even after 45,000 cycles of compression that simulate about 15 years of use.

Every Origin Mattress undergoes a comprehensive quality check before they are packed and delivered to you