Origin vs Noa 2023

Why Noa Buyers Are Choosing Origin Instead

We know how hard it can be to find the perfect mattress.

Which is why we’ve created a handy table that shows how Origin compares vs Noa in all the categories you care about.

Read on to find out why droves of Noa potential buyers choose Origin instead.

Although we may be a little biased, we kept the comparison as objective as possible to help you find the perfect mattress!

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1. Although the Noa Mattress and the Origin Hybrid Pro offer a 120-night sleep trial, the Origin is the more cost-effective option at $699

Especially in large urban centers like Sydney and Melbourne, Australia’s living cost is expensive. For cost-conscious Australians, a savings of $100 on a high-quality mattress like the Origin Hybrid Pro can make a world of difference. Consumers can save money without sacrificing quality of sleep by choosing this choice.


2. Origin boasts a 4.6/5 Google rating, 39 consumer awards, and the title “Top Rated Mattress in Australia.” In comparison, Noa has a 4.8/5 rating with fewer reviews

Australians value customer service and product quality, as reflected in their consumer awards and online reviews. In the digital age, a 4.6/5 Google rating, like Origin’s, is widely regarded as a commendable score, signifying high levels of customer satisfaction. Paired with 39 consumer awards, Origin’s achievements provide robust social proof, resonating with the Australian tradition of prioritizing outstanding customer experiences.


3. Both mattresses are medium-firm with common features, but Origin offers more springs, ergonomic zones, and taller springs, enhancing its comfort over Noa

Australians increasingly value sleep’s role in well-being. While top mattresses should ideally have over 1,000 springs for support, the configuration and height of these springs matter. Origin showcases its spring details and offers clinical sleep trials. In contrast, Noa doesn’t specify its spring count, emphasizing Origin’s transparency for detail-oriented Australians.

Given Australia’s active lifestyles, spinal health is crucial. Origin’s ergonomic zones for spinal alignment and superior spring height (19 cm compared to Noa’s 16 cm) make it an ideal choice for those seeking restorative sleep.


4. Both mattresses are certified; however, Origin boasts dual CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX® certifications, while Noa has only OEKO-TEX Class I, enhancing Origin’s trustworthiness

An increasing number of Australians consider environmental impact when making purchases. Origin’s dual CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX® certifications demonstrate the company’s dedication to environmentally responsible business operations, which appeals to the environmentally conscious Australian consumer base.


In the highly competitive Australian mattress industry, the Origin Hybrid Pro stands out due to its low price, an especially important consideration in expensive cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Its superior spring characteristics and 4.6/5 Google rating make it a hit in Australia. It has also won 39 consumer awards. Thanks to its twin environmental certifications, Australians looking for a cheap, high-quality, and environmentally friendly mattress solution have the Origin Hybrid Pro as a top option.

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1. In post-pandemic Australia, high-income earners are eyeing premium products like the Origin Hybrid Pro, whose price mirrors its luxury appeal

While the Noa Luxe Mattress comes in at $1,149, the Origin Hybrid Pro commands a premium price of $1,499. Could this be a reflection of its superior quality? According to McKinsey & Company, there’s a renewed vigor in consumer spending in Australia, particularly among high-income individuals. Many Australians have accumulated wealth since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with the household savings ratio still above pre-pandemic levels, they’re poised to invest in quality. This suggests that discerning consumers, particularly those in the high-income bracket, might value investing in a product like the Origin Hybrid Pro, associating its higher price with top-tier quality.


2. Origin proudly stands tall with 39 consumer awards, clearly overshadowing Noa Luxe’s commendable but lower-profile 4.7 Google rating

The Origin Hybrid Pro boasts an impressive 39 consumer awards, showing that customers have shown high trust and satisfaction with the product. Additionally, it has a Google rating of 4.6/5 based on over 970 reviews. In comparison, while the Noa Luxe Mattress has a commendable Google rating of 4.7/5, it only has 58 reviews. The volume of reviews for Origin further attests to its popularity among Australians.


3. Origin boasts a 19cm spring height from its German-engineered design, while Noa Luxe impresses with 1254 springs in its king size

The Origin Hybrid Pro and the Noa Luxe Mattress have features like latex, cooling foam, and pocketed springs to ensure restful sleep. The German-engineered Origin stands out with its 19cm spring height, compared to Noa Luxe’s 17cm. Like in Origin, taller springs typically offer enhanced support and better adapt to body contours, indicating a potential edge in comfort for the Origin mattress.


4. Origin carries the CertiPUR-US® and CeriOEKO-TEX® certifications

The Origin Hybrid Pro has been certified as chemical and substance-free by both CertiPUR-US® and CertiOEKO-TEX®. The Noa Luxe Mattress, on the other hand, is dedicated to quality and safety, as seen by its REACH-certified foam layers (the EU counterpart of the US CertiPur-US certification).


5. Noa Luxe offers a wider selection with five sizes, whereas Origin has four standard options

The Noa Luxe Mattress offers a slightly wider range for Australians with different bed size preferences, including Single, King, Single, Double, Queen, and King. Conversely, the Origin Hybrid Pro comes in Single, Super, Queen, and King sizes.


6. Your Australian Home with Origin Hybrid Pro

Australia’s unique climate and lifestyle demands products tailored to its needs. With most Aussies valuing quality sleep, the mattress choice becomes paramount. While both mattresses offer impressive features, the choice ultimately depends on individual preferences: budget, design, or quality assurance. With its significant consumer awards and reviews, the Origin Hybrid Pro appears to be a favorite among many Australians. Yet, the Noa Luxe Mattress’s broader size range and competitive price make it a worthy contender. Whatever your choice, rest assured both options align well with the Australian market’s standards and preferences.

See What’s Inside The Origin Hybrid Pro

The Origin Hybrid Pro uses proprietary technology to give it absolute pressure relief & scientifically-recommended back support.

Come meet the award-winning mattress that’s endorsed by sleep experts and used by olympic athletes. The mattress designed to help you Sleep, Recharge & Conquer

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