Origin Vs Emma


TypeHybrid (Foam + Pocket spring)Foam
Price (Queen)$699$1,398
Firmness Level6.56
Number of Layers64
Mattress Depth27 cm25 cm
Multi-zone Support
Motion Isolation(Zero Partner Disturbance)
Eco-friendly Foam🗙
Machine-washable Mattress Cover🗙
Trial Length120 Nights100 Nights
Warranty15 Years10 Years
Free Delivery
Free Returns (Within Trial Length Period)
*Overall Score is calculated by looking at an aggregate of 14 different criteria

Origin Hybrid Mattress Vs Emma Comfort Mattress 

Origin Hybrid MattressEmma Comfort Mattress  
– 100% Natural Tencel™ Pillow Top. A handcrafted piling-resistant top layer that is just as durable as it is soft and plush.
– 3cm HexaGrid™ Orthopedic Layer. A temperature-regulating foam layer that supports the natural curvature of the backbone and relieves pressure on sensitive points on the body. 
– Premium Australian Wool. The wool layer enhances the mattress’s cushy feel and breathability while enabling moisture-wicking properties. 
– Bamboo-Infused Memory Foam. An upgrade to ordinary memory foam, bamboo-infused memory foam is a bolstering foam that is naturally cooling and supportive. 
– Edge Support. Protects and bolsters the edges of the mattress from sagging. 
– Antigravity Springs. A layer made up of tempered steel pocketed coil springs for responsive and bracing support.
– Fresh Air Comfort Cover. A removable and breathable polyester cover that also extends as a comfortable top layer. 
– Point Elastic Airgocell®. An innovative foam layer that molds itself to better support pressure points on the body that is also moisture-wicking and open-pored. 
– 7-Inch Supportive HRX Foam. This highly resilient polyfoam consists of 7 zones with each zone engineered to target and support different points on the sleeper. 
– Bottom Covers With Handles. The foundational part of the mattress is made from polyester and polypropylene which acts as a sturdy and supportive layer. 

Temperature Regulation (Winner: Origin Hybrid Mattress)

Both the Origin Hybrid Mattress and Emma Comfort Mattress are equipped with excellent thermal-regulating properties that keep you cool throughout sweltering nights. Many layers of the Emma Comfort Mattress are open-pored which allows for air to flow through each layer. While the breathability of the Emma Comfort mattress is exceptional enough to create a cooler surface, the Origin Hybrid Mattress possesses an upper hand that makes it an ideal option for those who tend to sweat in their sleep. Along with multiple breathable layers, the Origin Hybrid Mattress’ HexaGrid™ Orthopedic Layer has been infused with cooling particles that absorb and dissipate heat at a faster rate which creates a significantly cooler surface. On that note, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is superior when it comes to temperature regulation. 

Support (Winner: Origin Hybrid Mattress)

In terms of support, a hybrid mattress always wins because it offers sleepers a combination of supportive qualities that make getting a good night’s sleep a lot easier. The Origin Hybrid Mattress consists of a mix of foam and pocketed coil springs. Together, they create an outstandingly supportive mattress that conforms to the curves of the sleeper and gently cradles pressure points, alleviating pains and aches. Although the foam layers on the Origin Hybrid Mattress prevent any motion from transferring throughout the mattress, its pocketed coil spring layer further reinforces the motion-isolation ability of the Origin Hybrid Mattress. Notwithstanding the incredible support of foam mattresses, the Emma Comfort Mattress does offer commendable support to sleepers however the supportive quality may be lacking for those who require bracing support for better pain alleviation. And with that, the championing mattress is the Origin Hybrid Mattress. 

Comfort (Winner: Origin Hybrid Mattress)

Both contenders are medium-firm mattresses with the Origin Hybrid Mattress ranking a 6.5 on the firmness scale and the Emma Comfort Mattress following close by with a 6, making these two mattresses great options for a range of sleep needs. Nevertheless, the more comfortable option is the Origin Hybrid Mattress because of its 100% Natural Tencel™ Pillow Top and Edge Support feature. Sleepers get to lay atop a plush mattress that does not sink at the edges when crawling in and out of the bed. The Edge Support feature also allows sleepers to sit on the edges of the mattress comfortably and securely. While the Emma Comfort Mattress dons a machine-washable Fresh Air Comfort Cover that also serves as a breathable and cushy top layer, it, unfortunately, does not compare to the comfort of the Origin Hybrid Mattress. 

Pricing (Winner: Origin Hybrid Mattress)

The winner is quite obvious when it comes to pricing with both mattresses donning significantly different price tags. The Origin Hybrid Mattress is priced staggeringly lower than the Emma Comfort Mattress but does that make it deserving of the win? Well, looking at the many exemplary features of the Origin Hybrid Mattress when compared to the Emma Comfort Mattress, it is safe to say that the Origin Hybrid Mattress is the more inexpensive selection that also gives sleepers more than they bargained for. 

Integral Features (Winner: Origin Hybrid Mattress)

The Emma Comfort Mattress is equipped with astounding features that make it breathable, quick-dry, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, supportive, comfortable and temperature-regulating but alas, it does not meet the same standards as the Origin Hybrid Mattress. Putting forward many of the same features as its competitor, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is also anti-bacterial and tried and tested. The Origin Hybrid Mattress is also CertiPUR-US® and Carry OEKO-TEX® certified, guaranteeing sleepers a safe, environmentally-friendly mattress. Another thing to note is that the Origin Hybrid Mattress comes with a longer warranty and trial period as opposed to the Emma Comfort Mattress. Thus, the Origin Hybrid Mattress deems victorious once again. 

Final Verdict 

The Origin Hybrid Mattress triumphs with a queen sweep in this round against the Emma Comfort Mattress. Nonetheless, both contenders are award-winning mattresses that have received remarkable recognition in many countries and are superb options but when faced against one another, the Origin Hybrid Mattress scores a whopping 8.5 while the Emma Comfort Mattress falls behind with a score of 6.3. 

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