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TypeHybrid (Latex + Foam + Pocket spring)Hybrid (Latex + Foam + Pocket spring)
Price (Queen)$1,499$799
Firmness Level7.57
Number of Layers87
Mattress Depth30.5 cm28 cm
Multi-zone Support🗙
Motion Isolation(Zero Partner Disturbance)
Eco-friendly Foam
Machine-washable Mattress Cover🗙🗙
Trial Length120 Nights120 Nights
Warranty15 Years15 Years
Free Delivery
Free Returns (Within Trial Length Period)
*Overall Score is calculated by looking at an aggregate of 14 different criteria

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress Vs Noa Mattress 

Origin Hybrid Pro MattressNoa Mattress 
SmartClimate™ Cooling Technology – Regulates the body’s temperature at an optimum 18°C.Polar Silk Tencel™ CloudLux® Pillow Top – A plush and soft temperature-regulating surface layer that presents sleepers with the experience of sleeping on a metaphorical cloud. Graphite Crystal Latex – A bolstering layer that absorbs and disperses body heat HexaGrid™ Plus Comfort Layer – A cooling gel-infused layer that cradles pressure points and helps alleviate aches in the joints and back. Natural Micro-Weaved Wool Layer – A soft, breathable layer that enhances the comfort and cooling effect of the mattress. Gravity-Defying MicroSpring Support – Layered ErgoCoil compact steel springs precisely respond to motion and support the sleeperCooling Cloud Memory Foam – A cooling foam layer that absorbs motion for uninterrupted sleep.7-Zone Aerospace-Grade Titanium Springs – A layer consisting of abundant springs coiled at varying tension levels to optimally support different areas of the sleeper. D-3 Edge Support – Prevents the edges of the mattress from sagging and provides even support all throughout the mattress. Hand-Tufted Tencel™ Pillow Top – An exceptionally soft and breathable top layer surface that is equipped with antibacterial properties. Latex Layer – An open-celled latex layer that provides bolstering support, comfort and enhanced thermal-regulating properties to the mattress. Cooling Gel Memory Foam – A cool-to-the-touch cushioning layer that shapes the natural curvature of the spine and relieves pressure exerted on sensitive areas of the body. Zero Partner Disturbance Foam – An transitional foam layer that allows for incredible motion isolation throughout the mattress.  Gauge Steel Premium Pocket Springs – The base layer of the mattress consists of thick coiled pocketed springs, creating a satisfying bounce, each encased in mesh fabric for improved airflow through each layer. The base layer also grants the mattress with bracing support. Perimeter Edge Support – A 9cm high-density foam encases and protects the layers securely as it prevents the edges of the mattress from sagging.  Poly Knit Quilt Side Perimeter –  An exquisitely breathable hand-tufted outer surface that secures the mattress and minimizes wrinkles on the fabric overtop the mattress. 

Temperature Regulation (Winner: Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress)

In terms of breathability alone, the Noa Mattress performs outstandingly with each layer incorporating either open-celled or hand-tufted features for better airflow through the mattress. The Noa mattress also consists of a cooling gel memory foam that is specifically designed to lower the surface temperature of the mattress, bestowing sleepers with a fairly cool top to sleep over. While the Noa Mattress works favorably at keeping sleepers cool on warmer nights, it, unfortunately, does not compare to the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress. The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is created with Australia’s sweltering weather in mind, hence its superior cooling and breathable properties. Its Cooling Cloud Memory Foam, HexaGrid™ Plus Comfort Layer and Graphite Crystal Latex are specially manufactured to create a significantly colder mattress surface but the winning quality of the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress lies in its SmartClimate™ Cooling Technology that drops the mattress’ surface temperature to a cozy 18°C, making it the ultimate cooling mattress. And with that, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is the champion when it comes to temperature regulation. 

Support (Winner: Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress)

The Noa Mattress and Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress are both hybrid mattresses that put forward the benefits of latex, foam and pocketed springs, making them excellent selections for sleepers in search of a supportive mattress. However, when faced against one another, the clear winner is the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress. The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress comprises multiple foam and spring layers, each of which provides the mattress with amplified supportive ability. Its HexaGrid™ Plus and Cooling Cloud Memory Foam layers mold to the curves of the sleeper and gently cushions pressure points on the body. Unlike the Noa Mattress which only features one pocketed spring layer, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress incorporates two. While its Gravity-Defying MicroSpring Support layer responds to movement effectively and creates a good bounce as sleepers crawl onto the mattress, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress gets its astonishing support from its 7-Zone Aerospace-Grade Titanium Spring layer. The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress also comes with a thicker latex layer when compared to the Noa Mattress. Its Graphite Crystal Latex layer features excellent contouring abilities and aids in alleviating pain. 

Comfort (Winner: Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress)

The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress rates a 7.5 while the Noa Mattress falls back at a 7 on the mattress firmness scale, making them perfect for stomach and back sleepers because of their firm feel. Both these mattresses come with a soft and breathable Tencel™ pillow top but the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress features a Polar Silk Tencel™ CloudLux® Pillow Top that just like its name states, feels like a silky cloud. Another comparable difference is the motion-isolation ability of the two contenders and once again, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress triumphs. Despite its responsive pocketed spring layers, the multiple foam layers in the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress absorb every movement and minimize motion from transferring across the mattress far better than the Zero Partner Disturbance Foam in the Noa Mattress. The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress also incorporates a micro-weaved wool layer that adds even more to its cushy feel. 

Pricing (Winner: Noa Mattress) 

The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress does come at a higher price but the features it puts forward definitely make up for it. However, in terms of pricing alone, the Noa Mattress takes the win. Notwithstanding its affordable cost, the Noa Mattress is an incredible mattress that is comfortable as it is supportive. 

Integral Features (Winner: Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress)

Both the Noa Mattress and Origin Hybrid Mattress are equipped with impressive integrated features such as edge support and side perimeters that secure the mattress but since there can be only one winner, the Origin Hybrid Mattress prevails once more. While the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress offers sleepers with more support, comfort and temperature regulation when faced against the Noa Mattress, it is also the safer option among the two. The foam layers in the Noa Mattress may be REACH certified but loses yet again to the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress which is both CertiPUR-US® and CeriOEKO-TEX® certified.

Final Verdict 

Scoring an overall rating of 8.9, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is deserving of the winning crown. Besides winning this battle against the Noa Mattress, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is also named the ‘Product of the Year Australia 2024’ in the premium mattress category by the Australia Consumer Survey. While the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress hogs the spotlight, the Noa Mattress does not fall far behind with an overall score of 7.8, making it an adequate alternative at an inexpensive cost. 

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