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Picking out the perfect mattress is easier said than done. Beds are so expensive, yet are so important for getting a good night’s rest. In this article, we are going to discuss the key features of the Tempur Hybrid with CoolTouch and Origin Hybrid mattresses.  

Origin vs Tempur

The simplified chart above gives you a quick overview of both brands. Nevertheless, let’s dive deep into some of the main features. 



Origin Hybrid 


Tempur Hybrid with CoolTouch Mattress

Price Range


$3,999 - $7,499

Mattress Type



Mattress Layers



Sleep Trial

120 Nights

100 Nights


15 Years

10 Years

Temperature Regulation (It’s Tricky)

Tempur Mattress vs Origin mattress: Temperature Regulation image

Many of us find that we’re just too darn hot at night, with rising temperatures disturbing our sleep and leaving us groggy in the mornings. One of the most effective ways is to invest in a temperature control mattress. But what is it? And how do they work? Let’s find out.  

Both Tempur and Origin have created their own technology in this aspect. Tempur with its latest fabric technology (CoolTouch) provides a cool-to-the-touch sensation and helps absorb excess heat.

On the other hand, the Origin Hybrid seems to offer a rather unique AEROFLEX technology that keeps both warm and cold. The 400 threads of Atmospheric Tencel are highly breathable, allowing airflow to transfer body heat to the AEROFLEX™ layer below. The Aeroflex expands, promoting airflow to cool you down when it’s hot and contracts to keep you warm on a cold day. 

Which is better at regulating temperature? Although Tempur prides itself on its CoolTouch technology, it is only available in one retailer for an added price. We couldn’t really determine its true effectiveness, however, from Slumber Search, some customers complain about the heat retention. 

Whereas for the Origin Hybrid  we couldn’t find any negative reviews that mention specifically about heat retention from Product Review Australia

So, which is more preferable? It would largely depend on your personal budget. If you are one who is looking for a relatively inexpensive quality product, the Origin Hybrid is worth considering given its longer trial and warranty period. 

Comfort: (Verdict: It Depends)

Origin Hybrid Mattress is created with an AEROFLEX layer which ensures that the individual experiences adequate comfort during their sleep and gives support to enhance proper body mechanisms as they lay on it.

Tempur is known to be the only one recognised by NASA and certified by Space Foundation for its Space Technology. Unlike others, Tempur material is uniquely composed of the viscous (fluid-like) and elastic (spring-like) properties actively working together – in the right way, at the right places to provide the right support, comfort and infinite adaptability. 

Whereas for Origin, their mattresses are created with Aeroflex technology approved by doctors for weightless pressure relief & superior temperature control. The brand carefully conducted lab tests by using persons of different weight variations and testing against different mattresses, making tweaks with the Aeroflex composition close to 30 times to ensure maximized comfort and support during sleep.

To sum up, it all comes down to your personal choice in terms of which technology you favor. 

Pressure-Relief (It’s Tricky) 

Tempur Mattress vs Origin mattress: Spinal alignment image

As you already know, Tempur is equipped with one of a kind, TEMPUR material that could actively mold and adapt to your body to provide the optimized comfort and support.

As for the Origin, their hybrid mattresses are constructed with a rather unique multi-density design known as Aeroflex, which provides you with more targeted comfort and support. It targets the 3 main zones, the neck and shoulders, lower back and hips, as well as the thighs and legs. With proper spinal alignment, this will help minimize any potential new neck or back pain when you wake up.

Both brands have put in thoughts and efforts in designs that target proper spinal alignment, but Tempur has been reputedly known for its secret formula to ultimate comfort and support, which explains its hefty price tag. The Tempur CoolTouch or the Origin Hybrid? The choice is yours to make. 

Our Final Verdict – Which has Quality Sleep at the Best Value?

When it comes to making purchase decisions, consumers often make emotional decisions. It is important that consumers should take note of the cost-effectiveness of a product. 

The Origin Hybrid King size is $799, while the Tempur CoolTouch King is ten times the price at $7,499 with lesser trial nights and a warranty period. 

Everyone loves to enjoy what they have bought and feel it’s worth the amount, but how can we decide what is more worthy? 

As was already noted, we’ve spoken about the important qualities that each brand offers, and it appears that Origin Hybrid has a competitive advantage over Tempur when it comes to value for money.

Because the Tempur has been notably known for its innovation and hefty price tag. We wanted to take a step further to research for more consumer reviews from Product Review Australia. There weren’t any reviews on this particular model for Tempur, however, we noticed a couple of Tempur models were given a pretty low average score of about 2 out of 5.

When compared to Origin Hybrid, which received generally favorable evaluations for its quality, the product received a score of 4.7 out of 5.

Just based on the overall features we discussed in this article, the Origin Hybrid seems to make a better choice if you are looking for a quality bed without breaking the bank. 

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