Tempur Mattress Review 2024 | Tempur vs Origin

As a relatively new mattress brand, Origin has managed to expand to 8 countries across 3 continents in only 2 years. But how does it measure up to one of the most renowned mattress brands worldwide – Tempur? 

In this article we compare the features of Tempur’s two most popular models to the Origin Hybrid Mattress.

Origin vs Tempur

Before we get started, here is a summary of the differences between between Origin and Tempur:



Origin Hybrid Mattress (25cm)

Tempur Cloud Mattress Supreme(21cm)

Hybrid Lucerne Supreme(21cm)

Price Range

$399 to $799

$5,099 to $12,699

Up to $8,099


120 Nights

No trial

No trial


15 Years

15 Years

10 Years


All sleeping positions

Back sleepers and

side sleepers

Back sleepers and side sleepers

Mattress Layers





4.7/5 from 34 reviews

2.6/5 from 120 reviews

No reviews



No returns

No returns

Type of Mattress


Memory Foam






Value for Money (Verdict: Origin takes the win)

An expensive mattress doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best for you. Most renowned mattress brands price their mattresses in the thousands; but are the quality and comfort they provide really proportional to their price?

A single size Tempur Cloud Mattress Supreme(21cm) would set you back $5,099 while an Origin Hybrid would only cost $399. This doesn’t mean to say that Origin’s mattresses are only a fraction as good as a Tempur mattress. 

Having been in business for decades, Tempur has become a household name across many countries. As such, many are willing to fork out a sum out of pure trust and familiarity. On the other hand, Origin is a relatively new name. But it has proven its worth to over 50,000 happy customers worldwide. 

Origin is orthopaedic-approved and designed by an experienced team of sleep experts. With the technology behind the design, Origin mattresses are made to keep your back comfortable, supported, and prevent back pain. The Aeroflex layer of the Origin mattress is softer on the surface and at the ends to cradle your hip and shoulders for greater comfort, and firmer in the deeper layers and the middle for enhanced back support.

Origin's Aeroflex
Origin’s Aeroflex

With the intensive research and experience put into designing the Origin Hybrid mattress, you’ll be able to enjoy great sleep – without paying thousands of dollars!

Temperature Regulation (Verdict: Origin wins)

A mattress which regulates body temperature is a huge advantage if you can’t stand the heat and humidity of Australia’s summer nights. 

Tempur’s mattresses have an open-cell structure which enables airflow and ventilation to reduce overheating of your body. However, memory foam is known to trap heat. So, if you’re considering the Tempur Cloud Collection, make sure to consider carefully if you tend to sleep hot.

On the other hand, Origin has put in extra effort to ensure that your mattress maintains the perfect sleeping temperature. The mattress surface is made of Atmospheric Tencel, a breathable and eco-friendly material that allows airflow to transfer body heat to the Aeroflex layer below. When your body is warm, the Aeroflex expands, promoting airflow to cool you down. On colder nights, the Aeroflex contracts to trap heat and keep you warm.

Both layers work in synergy to keep you at the ideal temperature for uninterrupted, weightless sleep.

Origin Hybrid Mattress layers
Origin Hybrid Mattress layers

Motion Isolation (Verdict: The Tempur mattress wins)

Tempur’s mattresses are known for their exceptional motion isolation capabilities. Like most memory foam mattresses, where your body lies, the memory foam responds and compresses. Therefore, there is no vibration felt in the area around it. Full memory foam mattresses tend to be superior when it comes to motion isolation.

Origin has impressive motion isolation technology, thanks to its memory foam at the top and a pocket spring base, where springs compress individually under the source of the movement to isolate it – but it’s not quite as good as Tempur’s all-foam system! 

High elasticity of Origin Hybrid Mattress
High elasticity of Origin Hybrid Mattress

Mattress Trial Period (Verdict: Origin edges out)

Origin offers a trial period of 120 days, allowing you to determine with absolute certainty whether or not your mattress is a good fit for you. In addition, Origin provides free returns, meaning that the mattress will be picked up from your residence for free! The mattress will then be donated to Salvation Army Australia.

On the other hand, Tempur Australia doesn’t offer a trial period for their mattresses, which means that you won’t get your money back even if the mattress doesn’t suit your needs.

Warranty (Verdict: Origin provides better warranty) 

All goods sold by Origin come with a fifteen-year guarantee which covers any visible marks or deformation as small as 1 inch caused by manufacturing faults or occurring despite normal usage and care by consumers. Because the craftsmanship of these Origin mattresses is so high-quality, it is quite unlikely that you will ever have to make use of the guarantee for reasons related to manufacturing defects. 

Although Tempur also offers a warranty for its mattresses, the warranty only covers 10 years. 


Tempur mattresses are a great choice for those who want a renowned and higher-end mattress, while the Origin mattress is a great choice for those who are looking for a value-for-money mattress with comparable quality. 

Quality. Value. Peace of Mind

The Origin Hybrid mattress is designed for Aussies, and is the #1 mattress in Australia for weightless comfort.

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