Origin vs Tempur 2023

Why Tempur Buyers Are Choosing Origin Instead

We know how hard it can be to find the perfect mattress.

Which is why we’ve created a handy table that shows how Origin compares vs Tempur in all the categories you care about.

Read on to find out why droves of Tempur potential buyers choose Origin instead.

Although we may be a little biased, we kept the comparison as objective as possible to help you find the perfect mattress!

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1. Origin Mattress uses pocket springs instead of Tempur’s foam cutouts that are designed to replicate springs, but they’re just another layer of foam

Incorporating pocket springs into a mattress design facilitates increased airflow, allowing heat to dissipate more efficiently from the body and into the surrounding environment. This mechanism effectively lowers body temperature, contributing to a higher level of sleep quality.

Origin Mattress distinguishes itself through its exceptional construction and durability. The Origin Mattress adheres to rigorous quality standards, resulting in a robust and long-lasting product. With a thickness of 25.4cm and materials certified by CertiPUR-US® and CeriOEKO-TEX®, Origin ensures a solid and dependable sleep surface that will withstand the test of time.

On the other hand, Tempur’s mattress attempts to replicate the effect of springs with foam cutouts. However, this design choice can lead to a potential issue over time. Foam layers have been known to trap more heat, which can affect the overall sleeping experience and contribute to mattress sagging.


2. The stark difference in price that makes Origin definitely more worth your money

A mattress’s value does not lie only in the price tag. There are plenty of high-end yet affordable mattresses that truly put value in what they offer instead of being expensive.

Off the bat, it is definitely the first thing that stands out the most between the Tempur Pro Medium Firm Hybrid mattress and Origin’s Hybrid mattress. Costing a good $4,600 cheaper than the Tempur mattress, Origin has far more features than you would have imagined. 

Tempur’s mattress does offer 4 thick layers that protect your body and spine as you sleep. With a washable mattress cover, advanced material layer, and adapt material layer, Tempur might be considered suitable for its pricing.

However, when you compare how Origin has amazing air regulation, 7-ergonomic zones, micro pocket springs and 100% natural tencel that keeps the surface of your mattress cool and silky to the touch and is much more affordable, it is clear why Origin is favoured amongst Australians.


3. Origin offers a whopping 120-night trial, something crucial that is lacking with Tempur’s mattresses

Trial periods are essential because they allow individuals to experience the mattress firsthand and determine if it meets their unique comfort needs. People have different sleeping positions, body types, and preferences, and a trial period provides an opportunity to assess whether the mattress provides the right level of support, firmness, and overall comfort for a restful sleep.

It also takes time for the body to adjust to a new mattress. A trial period allows for this adjustment period, giving individuals the chance to adapt to the new sleeping surface and evaluate how well they sleep and wake up each day. Sometimes, initial impressions of a mattress may change after a few nights of sleeping on it, and a trial period provides the necessary time to make an informed decision based on the true experience.

Origin has a 120-nights trial period and a 15-year warranty. This helps to instil confidence and offer peace of mind to you, so you know that if the mattress doesn’t meet expectations, there is an opportunity to return or exchange it for a more suitable option.

This also reduces the risk of you having any regrets and ensuring  satisfaction with your mattress choice, ultimately leading to a better sleep experience in the long run. Tempur on the other hand, does not have a trial period but it does come with a 10 year warranty (5 years less than Origin’s), so you still have the opportunity to replace your mattress incase of any issues. 



In conclusion, even though Tempur has been in the market for long, the Origin Hybrid mattress has emerged as a clear favourite among Australians, and for good reason! Its exceptional ventilation system, generous warranty, and extensive trial-night period make it a compelling choice for those seeking the perfect sleep solution. Moreover, its popularity among local consumers speaks volumes about the trust and satisfaction it has garnered.

With Origin, you can rest assured that you’re not only getting your money’s worth but also investing in a mattress that prioritises your comfort and well-being. 

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The Origin Hybrid uses proprietary technology to give it absolute pressure relief & scientifically-recommended back support.

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1. Origin Hybrid Pro stands out with its exceptional Graphite Crystal cooling system, effectively regulating body temperature and resolving sleep-related overheating, which is lacking in Tempur’s Sensation mattress

The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress leverages a hybrid structure combining foam, latex, and pocketed springs, creating an optimal balance of comfort and support. Including the revolutionary graphite crystal latex; the world’s best thermal conductor hat enhances the mattress’s cooling effect and contributes to an even more responsive bounce for improved comfort.

However, the Tempur Sensation mattress does not even include a latex layer. Given Australia’s warm environment, the absence of this material may result in poor breathability and heat management.

Latex is a very sought after material when it comes to mattresses, and it’s also costly – which is why latex is more common in premium/luxury mattresses.

At Origin we strive to give the highest quality at the most affordable price point, so we managed to work together with our factory to offer our revolutionary graphite cooling latex at an affordable price.


2. Origin Hybrid Pro saves you $3,500, compared to Tempur Sensation Mattress

Starting with the most practical consideration, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress wins by a landslide in terms of affordability. Priced at $1,499, it is significantly less expensive than the Tempur Sensation Mattress, which costs $4,999. This massive price gap makes Origin the far more cost-effective choice for those seeking premium comfort without breaking the bank.


3. When you buy Origin Hybrid Pro, you get a 120-night trial to try it out risk-free.

The availability of a trial period is another critical aspect to consider while shopping for a mattress. In comparison Tempur does not offer this amazing benefit. With this generous trial period, you may take your time deciding whether or not the Origin mattress is the perfect choice for you.


4. Origin Hybrid Pro is 22% thicker than the Tempur Sensation mattress

They both have a medium-to-firm firmness that works well for giving support and relieving pressure. However, at 30.5cm in thickness, the Origin Hybrid Pro is considerably thicker and more robust than Tempur’s 25cm mattress.

Every part is meticulously combined to provide the best possible support and cushioning. The result is a mattress that provides ideal spinal alignment while gently cradling your body in ultra-plush comfort. The greater thickness of the mattress improves its longevity and durability, increasing its value over time.


5. With 4 size options, compared to Tempur’s 2 size options, Origin caters to a wide range of consumers with varying sizing requirements

In terms of available sizes, both brands offer single, queen, and king sizes. However, Origin additionally provides a Super Single size, while Tempur offers Single Long and King Single sizes. This slight advantage for Origin caters to a broader range of customer needs.



Even though Tempur has been in the market for longer, objectively the Origin Hybrid Pro is an obvious pick for Australians since it balances price, trial period length, consumer trust, design quality, and innovative sleep technology. Its advantages over the Tempur Sensation Mattress are clear, and its value and comfort are indisputable.

The market for sleep solutions is dynamic, but Origin’s strong features show that it will be a major participant for the foreseeable future. The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is a wonderful purchase for anyone in Australia who wants a good night’s sleep because of the company’s dedication to customer happiness, premium quality, and value for money.

See What’s Inside The Origin Hybrid Pro

The Origin Hybrid Pro uses proprietary technology to give it absolute pressure relief & scientifically-recommended back support.

Come meet the award-winning mattress that’s endorsed by sleep experts and used by olympic athletes. The mattress designed to help you Sleep, Recharge & Conquer

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*As tested by 3rd Party Laboratory Intertek, UK
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Our plush signature pillowtop is even stitched by hand, for a more detailed finish.