Zinus Mattress Review 2024 | Zinus vs Origin

With a wide range of mattress brands available in the market, it is definitely no easy task when it comes to looking for a good one. Today, we will be reviewing the Zinus Green Tea mattress, one of the cheapest beds available in the market and the Origin Hybrid, one of the many up-and-coming brands to learn which brand might be perfect for you! 

Origin vs Zinus

Let’s take a brief overview of what both brands have to offer:

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Ratings by Sleep Foundation and BedBuyer Australia

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Temperature Regulation (Verdict: Origin Wins)

Zinus Mattress vs Origin mattress: Temperature Regulation image

Zinus Green Tea is designed specifically for pressure relief for side sleepers. Thus, the material used is a memory foam material which allows for a nice amount of pressure relief. 

The downside, however, is the temperature. Because memory foam is a rather dense material, therefore these beds lack interconnected air channels. Tests were conducted by both Sleepopolis and SlumberYard, and it was concluded that the mattress is not recommended for hot sleepers.

The Origin Hybrid mattress, on the other hand, did not only offer the conventional ultra-cooling ability, but also was able to trap heat and warm you up during cold nights. All thanks to its innovative design which includes a combination of Atmospheric Tencel and Aeroflex. 

While there weren’t any reviews found for the Origin Hybrid in terms of temperature regulation, the brand already  stands out over the Zinus Green Tea mattress just by their choice of material used. The Origin hybrid uses latex which is already a temperature-neutral material as compared to the memory foam material used in the Zinus Green Tea mattress. 

Edge Support (Verdict: Origin Wins)

Zinus Green Tea is a softer than average mattress. Because the Zinus Green Tea Mattress is fairly soft and conforming, it may compress excessively when pressure is placed on the edges. Individuals with mobility issues or those who worry about slipping off the sides may prefer a bed with more structure.

The Origin brand, on the other hand, has an Edgeguard design which solves the issue of memory foam mattresses having soft edges. The Edgeguard design ensures the edges are firm and can withstand any pressure.

Zinus Green Tea mattress offers below-average edge support because of the firmness of its structure. Thus, the Origin Hybrid is a better choice in terms of edge support functionality. 

Motion Isolation (Verdict: It’s a Tie)

Zinus Mattress vs Origin mattress: Motion Isolation image

Motion Isolation is an important feature for couples who are light sleepers.

Because Zinus Green Tea is made out of classic memory foam, it does a great job in absorbing movement. Based on a test report from SlumberYard, the foam’s naturally slow response to pressure dulls a lot of motion on the mattress. The thick, soft memory foam comfort layer dulls a lot of the motion on the mattress. 

The Origin Hybrid mattress, on the other hand, is made with a layer of natural latex and vanadium steel pocket springs that specifically targets motion isolation.

Between the two brands, it seems rather inconclusive as both seem to have technology that targets motion isolation and BedBuyer’s reports shown above concluded a tie score of 4-4 for both brands in terms of motion isolation performance. 

Our Final Verdict – Which has Quality Sleep at the Best Value?

The Zinus Green Tea is well known for its very affordable foam mattress. It is basically one of the cheapest beds. When considering the value for money, it is recommended to consider more factors than the price of the mattress. It would be disappointing to buy something cheaply only to end up in the market after a year or less than a year. 

Zinus Green Tea Foam mattress is made out of all-foam, and is not ideal for heavier individuals. Apart from its below-average mattress performance, it also has a shorter trial and warranty period, as compared to the Origin Hybrid. The Origin Hybrid, on the other hand, despite having a slightly higher price point as compared to Zinus, it is actually fairly reasonable as compared to other luxury brands in the market. The brand has been consistently rated 4.7 star out of 5 by Product Review Australia, being one of the best value brands in the market.

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